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Carmelo Spina was born in Sicily: the land of sun and sea; the land of colors, the beautiful and the good.
He is having taken root in the fertile soil of his homeland and having a passion for the sense of taste, Carmelo Spina begins his career as an apprentice as befits each artisan whatever his art.
In 1994 works in the shop at the store “Charming” by Salvatore Amato in Acireale (Catania). This name baptize and will mark his whole life and his career.
In the 90 deals with cultivating his professionalism and refined his art by attending various courses and vocational seminars to achieve various degrees and diplomas: Education L’Oréal form, the wedding hairstyle seminar, diploma L’Oréal to Fit Expert and color, Acconciatore regional competition, etc …

Several studies and academic seminars as well as some experiences of makeup artist and hairstylist in the field of fashion shows, in the cinema and television earned him the definition and the consecration of Italian professionals of international caliber. Straddling the end of the 90s and the beginning of the new millennium, Carmelo Spina officially begins his professional career, educated and mature, he leaves his homeland after having collaborated as an assistant at a renowned center of his area. In 2002 she assisted renowned academies. Intern for “Tony and Guy Academy” and other leading companies in trichology.

In recent years he developed a real passion and love for the professionalism and the art in the field of hairdressing and make-up of the bride. Thus it becomes one of the highest Italian expert in hair and makeup for the bride.
In October 2008 he joined the big family of the brand “Renee Blanche” as Technical Designer, gradually assuming the total confidence of the company and the position of representative of the brand for the Italian Switzerland, and EU and non-European countries (35 countries worldwide).
Since March 2009 is the highest rated Technician Bayermann Stylist for the Italian Switzerland.

Carmelo Spina


Each person brings From Birth A Unparalleled Freedom Of Thought And Being.

This deserves respect.

It Is A Great Act Of Love Towards Life.


Over the last two decades Carmelo Spina has developed expertise in two different fields: Hair Style (care and cosmetic) and Make-up. The passion and the sacrifices made to complete in a manner so complete his artistic training and professional explanation found in the attention and dedication to what people, its customers, they need. Two main skills, both for purposes related to how different methods and language, allowing Carmelo Spina and its well-selected staff to offer an integrated service in order to fully satisfy customers. Also why perhaps its customer base is highly varied.

“There is no beauty without health.”

(Carmelo Spina)

For its private clients Carmelo Spina is able to meet all of trichological-healing character and aesthetic requirements with regard to the treatment of the hair, to the services – even at home – make-up for brides and other occasions . Great is also the accumulated experience of all solutions regarding skin and hair problems (baldness, alopecia, etc). There are frequent collaborations with professionals and companies. Carmelo Spina is in fact engaged in the practical seminars sponsored by industry and management companies in the guide with whom he collaborated for years (Bayerman and Renee Blanche in particular).
The last show and seminars of which he starred were hosted in emerging countries such as Romania, Portugal, Croatia and Poland. At this kind of collaboration is complemented by the technical vocational courses in which often is called upon to contribute their skills and experience (cut, color, mesh, etc).


Carmelo Spina

Art Director